Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The tool path refers to the movement trajectory and direction of the tool relative to the workpiece during CNC machining. The reasonable selection of processing routes is very important, as it is closely related to the CNC machining accuracy and surface quality of the parts. When determining the cutting route, the following points are mainly considered:

1. Ensure the machining accuracy requirements of the parts.

2. Facilitate numerical calculations and reduce programming workload.

3. Seeking the shortest CNC machining route to reduce empty tool time and improve CNC machining efficiency.

4. Try to reduce the number of program segments as much as possible.

5. Ensure the required roughness of the workpiece contour surface after CNC machining, and the final contour should be arranged for continuous machining with the last cutting tool.

6. The forward and backward path of the tool (cutting in and out) should also be carefully considered to minimize the occurrence of tool marks at the contour due to sudden changes in cutting force causing elastic deformation, and to avoid scratching the workpiece by vertically lowering the tool on the contour surface.


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