Saturday, June 8, 2024

The arrangement of processing sequence should be considered based on the structure and condition of the parts, as well as the need for positioning and clamping, with a focus on ensuring that the rigidity of the workpiece is not compromised. The order should generally follow the following principles:

1. The CNC machining of the previous process should not affect the positioning and clamping of the next process, and if there are universal machine tool machining processes interspersed in the middle, comprehensive consideration should also be given.

2. First, proceed with the internal cavity machining process, and then proceed with the external machining process.

3. It is best to connect the CNC machining process with the same positioning, clamping method or the same tool to reduce the number of repeated positioning, tool changing, and moving the pressure plate.

4. For multiple processes carried out in the same installation, the process with minimal damage to the rigidity of the workpiece should be arranged first.


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